Where else can I use Argan Oil besides my face?

Where else can I use Argan Oil besides my face?

You can use argan oil on your hair and on your body.

If you have any scalp conditions, such as itchiness, dry scalp, dandruff, seborrhea, use pure Argan Oil as treatment every time before you wash your hair. Leave for at least an hour and wash thoroughly. Argan Oil also promotes hair growth and stops hair fall. If you have brittle, dry or damaged hair, argan oil can restore your hair`s structure, strengthening your strands and adding shine and body to your hair. Use a few drops after on your damp or dry hair, concentrating on the lengths. Using Argan Oil on your lengths can act as a heat protectant and a styling product. Just make sure not to put too much as it can make your strands greasy.

Using Argan Oil on your body can have the same benefits as using it on your face. You can apply it directly on your skin and mix it with your body lotion. The effect of argan oil on the body is amazing. It can help reduce stretch marks, it gets rid of dry areas, it provides anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. It also balances skin moisture, reduces dark spots, eliminates any skin irritations and rashes. Argan oil makes the skin plump, elastic and more young-looking, giving it a subtle glowy finish.

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