How often should I apply Argan oil?

How often should I apply Argan Oil? 

You can apply argan oil on your face daily - morning and evening as a facial moisturizer or treatment. Apply regularly if you want to see long-term benefits and results. If you have skin concerns, such as dryness, eczema, rashes and other, you can apply more frequently to relieve your symptoms. Make sure before applying Argan Oil that your skin is clean. Rub gently into the skin until the full absorption of the oil.

If you use Argan Oil on your hair, you can use it every time before you wash your hair as a scalp treatment and hair growth booster. Additionally, you can add a few drops to your hair lengths and tips after you wash your hair to add shine and prevent heat damage. If you struggle with very dry, damaged, frizzy and hard to tame hair, you can use a few drops on a daily basis or when you feel the need to reapply.

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