What is the best way to use Essence of Argan Oil?

What is the best way to use Essence of Argan Oil?

The best way to use Essence of Argan is on your skin and hair.

If you have scalp and hair concerns, you can use Essence of Argan as a treatment by applying and massaging it into the scalp regularly for a couple of minutes. If your hair is damaged, lacks shine and has breakage, apply a couple of drops of argan oil to the lengths of your hair on your damp hair after you wash it. 

You can also use Argan Oil as leave-in conditioner for soft supple hair. If your hair is prone to damage, focus more on the ends of your hair, coating each strand with the oil for heat protection before styling.

For your skin it can be used as a facial moisturizer. It is especially good for dry and aging skin as it restores the skin's elasticity. It's suitable for oily skin also as it prevents acne and balances oil production. You can use Essence of Argan daily, morning and evening on your clean skin. Massage a little oil in gentle circular motions and wait for the product to be absorbed. However you find suitable, you can use before or after your other skin treatments.

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